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Hi there! I am a couples and family photographer based out of West Michigan. I love capturing genuine emotion and people in their natural element--anywhere, any season and most importantly, for any reason. I know how much I treasure my people and yes--I am that mom that has to look at photos of her kids once they finally go to bed, so I get how important photos are to you. 


As much as I love new experiences and being out and about behind the lens, I am also a huge homebody. An ideal night for me is relaxing at home with my husband and babies. They are everything to me. I enjoy being productive during the day and kicking my feet up at night. What else? I love trying new forms of art. I especially love pottery and linocut. So much. It's super rewarding creating and being happy with the results.

Other than that, I love to be goofy and laugh with good company.  Which is why I might tell you to do something ridiculous during our photoshoot, (if I think you're up for it), just to get a raw reaction out of you. Don't worry, I squirm when I have to get my picture taken too. It kind of stresses me out really. So I feel your pain if this is you too. But, I will help you out--that's my job! With that said, I want to make sure we connect and are on the same page. If you don't think this is you, I might not be the best fit for you and I really want your special moments to fit you! Want to know more? Say "hi!" on my contact page!

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