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Le Bon Macaron - Grand Rapids, MI

I'd never had a macaron before but, once I'd stepped foot in this beautiful building, I knew this would be a good place to start!

Le Bon Macaron is seriously so cute. It has such a sweet and charming feel to it. Even if the macarons didn't taste good (which was not the case), I'd go back just to enjoy the storefront. Besides, they also offer coffee, tea and other delicious drinks so it's really a win either way!

But, what in the world is a macaron anyway? Well, the answer is simple. A colorful puff of creamy flavored delight.

I love how vibrant they are! But, how on earth are you supposed to choose when they are look so fun?! There were three main categories to select from--floral, fruity or sweet. For dessert, I'm generally more of a fruity/sweet kinda girl but, since it was my first experience I wanted to have an open mind.

Vibrant, delicious macaroons!

After checking with one of the gals who was working there on which flavors were customer favorites, I decided to go with: the Mary Antoinette (2 to be safe since they are supposed to taste like cake batter), poppy, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate peanut butter (had to keep my husband in mind) and salted dark chocolate.

The verdict? All were good but, my favorites were the Mary Antoinette and the strawberry cheesecake! Yum! I had no idea there would be a gooey filling inside! Pleasantly surprised! Still can't get over how lovely they look.


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