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Donkey Taqueria - Eastown Grand Rapids, MI

This past weekend, my husband and I decided to go to Donkey Taqueria in Eastown. Greeted by an awesome hostess, we made our way inside this dreamy, old-timey Mexican restaurant. Our table was towards the back where we were able to see both the quaint light-strung outdoor seating as well as the classy, indoor Mexican-colonial bar setting. Near the windows were shelves of several potted cacti. Yes, I wanted to take photos of those too but, I was also on a date so I told myself to stay put and just calm down.

As we looked over our menu, we struggled with selecting a drink (you'll find that I am the most indecisive person in the world)--there were a whole lot of mezcal and tequila options, and my only experience of mezcal in the past ended with a numb throat (folks, it's meant to be sipped on, don't make my rookie mistake). So instead, I went with a favorite: a blend of lime juice, hot sauces and beer, also known as a michelada. Next time I will be more adventurous and try something new, I promise!

If you like spicy micheladas then this drink might be for you! I, however, was a sissy and had to tone it down by pouring some of it in a new cup and changing my beer to hot sauce ratio. Micheladas can really vary place to place. But, I always really appreciate when they're on the menu. Our waiter was so kind, he even offered to bring me a different drink--but, I'm no quitter.

Now, onto ordering food. To be honest, I'm on the verge of becoming a vegetarian. However, I do make exceptions for tacos which is probably a very offensive no no (I'm sorry, friends!). With that said, I generally try to make my food selections based on vegetarian options but, as I mentioned, tacos. I decided to go with a gringo taco and a tostada de vegetales--though it was a huge toss up between that and a taco de papas verde.

I seriously can't decide which was better, these guacamole and queso filled gringo tacos or how accommodating and nice the staff was.

I would definitely recommend the tacos though--slightly pricey for tacos but, between the fun atmosphere and the great service, I would go back! I have made a new rule for myself though. I'm not allowed to order tostadas anymore. I eat like a child (more like a toddler) and cannot manage to not make a huge mess so, I shamefully couldn't even finish my tostada de vegetales. It did not go wasted though! My husband is very good about staying clean while eating, he sometimes doesn't even need a napkin (don't mind me, I'll just be over here with my bib, a napkin on my lap and one to the right of my plate for good measure). With that said, I'm thinking I should have gotten the taco de papas verde. Oh well, there's always next time!

If you have any favorites from Donkey's, please feel free to share with me (not your plate of course, just your recommendations)! ;)

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